City of Szeged

Entitled as the capital of sprint canoeing, Szeged is the seat of Csongrád County and the fourth largest city in Hungary. It is situated near the south-eastern border of Hungary right by the Tisza River. A large part of the town lies on the right bank, while Újszeged (New Szeged), a suburban district of residential homes and parks is on the left bank of the Tisza. Szeged is the cultural and economic centre of South-Eastern Hungary and a thriving university town, which is also famous for its open-air theatre. The city centre is marked by the medieval Tower of St. Demetrius and the stately twin spires of the Votive Church. This cathedral was built in the first decades of the 20th century to commemorate the revival of the city after the devastating flood of the river in 1879. By Hungarian standards, Szeged is a large city, with a population of 177,000. The climate is very favourable of canoeing; the annual mean temperature being about 11 °C (52F), somewhat higher than in the rest of the country. Szeged is sometimes called the City of Sunshine as there is an average of 2,000 hours of sunshine annually.


With a vibrant cultural scene, a youthful vibe, and plenty of warm, sunny days, Szeged is the perfect place for visitors with a taste for history, architecture and culture. Here are the best things to see in Szeged, plus optional side trips to the Ópusztaszer Heritage Park for its open-air museum, or nearby Makó for its alluring thermal baths.


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The Venue

The Maty-ér National Kayak and Rowing Olympic Centre

Address: Szabadkai út 113, Szeged, 6710, Hungary

The Maty-ér Race Track, officially known as the Szeged Olympic Center, is one of the world’s best-performing kayak and rowing facilities. The almost 2 and a half kilometer long 130-meter-wide track is also suitable for the most prestigious international competitions. In addition to kayak canoeing and rowing, it is also an excellent venue for training camps in other sports. The Olympic Center also offers leisure athletes (motorboat, water skiing, triathlon, sport fishing).



The Olympic Center is located 8 kilometers west of downtown Szeged. Szeged Airport is located in the immediate vicinity of the runway, bounded by road No. 55 (Szeged-Baja) on the north side and road No. 5 (Szeged-Röszke) on the south side. From the eastern shore of the lake approx. The M5 motorway is 2 kilometres away. If you arrive on M5, you should turn off at road no. 55.



A parking lot for nearly 400 cars awaits our spectators on the site, which can be approached from Röszkei út.